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This is just a small sampling of the many products I have designed  over the years. Some of the products below have links to shops. Please note: Stores are always changing products. You can search "Sue Zipkin" to find more products on line.If you like my designs you can find more products to purchase from my very own curated print on demand stores. SHOP

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For  shops that carry my  fabrics please contact Clothworks direct.   Clothworks   Is my exclusive partner for quilt fabrics sold to quilt shops. Not all of my designs come as a quilt fabric. We do a few collections per year. Always check their website for what shipping now and what might be up-and-coming. Thank you for choosing my fabric to make  projects!  



Advice about looking for your older dinnerware designs by Sue Zipkin : Patterns are often retired very quickly in the everyday dinnerware market. So if you're having trouble finding a design in stores please understand there is a strong chance the pattern is no longer being made. If you are looking to a purchase an older pattern current or discontinued, I recommend you contact the manufacturer listed on the back stamp of your pattern for more information. Looking for collectibles and "hard to find" items try Ebay Search: " Sue Zipkin " or your pattern name.  


My art is available on many products. You can search the web to find more products with my designs.   If you have a product from a particular manufacturer and are interested in more of  my artwork please contact the company directly.   You can do an on line search for the companies  to find out the contact information. Please follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I love to hear from folks who like my artwork. Please join in on the conversation on my Social media.   You can click  the buttons below.

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